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We provide native-speaker translation services by linguists experienced in the target industry and based in the target country. A large amount of resources were invested to recruit and train linguists both technically and linguistically, producing a competent team able to provide excellent translation in their native languages.

We have an ISO 9001-2008 certified quality assurance system that ensures each translation is translated, independently proofread and edited by competent linguists.
Our dedicated account managers located in Asian, American and European cities guarantee reliable 24/7 customer services.
Our in-house translator team is large enough to enable fast project turnaround, and we make sure our software engineers are versatile enough to handle all file formats.


MTS has a global network of hundreds of translators who have been tested and evaluated by stringent industry standards. All of our translators are native speakers of the target languages and experts in their subject areas.

Quality Assurance

Typically we use TEP (translation, editing and proofreading) process for our translations. Every project, however large or small, is assigned to at least three professional linguists – a translator, an editor and a proofreader – in order to produce translations that read as if they were originally written in the target language. Every file in this TEP process can be a deliverable upon request.

File Types

We are aware of the wide variety of methods used by our clients, and thus have acquired possess the necessary applications, knowledge and skills to be able to meet those demands. We have capabilities for wide range of file types, including Frame Maker, PageMaker, MS Word, HTML and XML. All brochures, leaflets, product literature, data sheets or user guides are delivered in the same layout and print quality as supplied in.

Desktop Publishing

Translated documents can be formatted in PS/PDF files ready for printing or publishing as required, and both PC and Mac platforms are fully supported.

Translation Memory

We use industry-standard TM (translation memory) tools such as Trados, Star Transit, Wordfast, MemoQ, and Across. We are happy to deliver these TM files on agreement.

For more about our translation services, please see the following:

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Translation of a document required for official use by non-governmental organizations or institutions, such as universities, schools, insurance providers or potential future employers may need certification.

Examples of documents include:

  •    ID, Driver License, Passport, Birth, Marriage, Divorce or Academic Certificates
  •    Official transcripts, such as school, work, and Medical reports
  •    Regulatory documents such as Power of Attorney, Contracts, etc.

MTS will translate and proofread the documents, stamp them with our company stamp and an appropriate reference number and return them with a certificate which confirms that they have been translated and signed by a qualified translator, that we believe them to be accurate and ‘true’ translations and finally attesting to our membership with a professional translation body (American Translators Association, ATA). This kind of certification is sufficient for immigration and other federal government purposes in the US, even without notarization, as well as for translations of academic records and the like in many cases.  It may vary by institution and by which country the documents are from. Documents from countries perceived as being of a higher risk of forgery may require more layers of security, such as notarization/embassy or consulate stamps, etc.