The First China Language Service Industry Collaboration and Innovation Forum & ALSP 2016 Annual Conference wrapped up successfully in Xiamen

At 6 PM on July 24, 2016, the 1st China Language Service Industry Collaborative Innovation Forum and ALSP 2016 Annual Conference, which was sponsored by the Association of Language Service Providers (ALSP) and co-organized by Xiamen based Master Translation Services (MTS) and Shanghai based Tmxmall, came to a successful close in Xiamen.


Themed on collaboration and innovation in the language service industry, the forum focused on topics including collaborative development of translation technology, marketing and branding, legal risk prevention and cooperation between institutions of education and industry. Of those who participated in the forum, there were representatives from over 100 language service companies, 30 domestic universities that provide translation and interpretation programs, 10 translation technology providers from home and abroad. In addition, there were representatives from Australia, South Korea, USA, Taiwan and other countries and regions.


During the two-day conference, more than 30 domestic and foreign specialists and industry leaders made speeches on the development and innovation of the industry, university-industry cooperation, cloud computing, big data platforms, language asset management, differentiated competitive strategies, risk management and quality assurance system. Panel discussions were held on the best practices for internship programs for MTI students, how to build competitive strength in the service market and how to minimize legal risks. In the morning of the 25th, a sub-forum was held simultaneously on interpretation service, featuring a workshop hosted by a senior interpreter. Two full-day pre-conference workshops “Best application practice of translation technology” and “Service that sells: Go the extra mile” were held, during which specialists from 6 leading translation technology providers shared their latest translation technology and project management practices, and Catherine Molloy, a marketing training specialist from Australia, taught participants how to turn customer service into sales.


The conference was very fruitful. Two model service contracts of translation and interpretation were released by ALSP, marking a milestone in the language industry in China. Transn and several other translation technology companies announced their latest platform products and solutions. The ALSP reached an internship program agreement with over a dozen major Chinese Universities, and added several translation technology companies and management consulting and training companies as strategic partners.


Mr. Zuo Renjun, the secretary-general of ALSP, hosted the closing ceremony, which was highlighted by a touching and passionate closing speech by ALSP Vice Chairman Wei Zhonghe. The 2nd China Language Services Collaboration and Innovation Forum & ALSP 2017 Annual Conference will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan.


The conference was co-sponsored by Transn, Goukuai Technology, uTransHub Technologies, Cambridge Simultaneous Interpretation, YiCool, Ledge Interpreters, Sanako, SDL, Tmxmall, Jeemaa, Yeegos, ePoolink, Lingosail, ZhongzhiZhihui, Yiqunfanyi, Trandeo and other companies.


The conference drew widespread attention and coverage among local and national media outlets, including Xiamen TV Station, Xiamen Common Talk BiWeekly, China National Radio, Sohu, China Internet Information Center, Phoenix New Media, CDC, Sina and others.