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A process is only as effective as the people working on it. MTS firmly believes that the success of any project relies on employing the right people, equipping them with the right tools and engaging them in the right process. As a demanding and labor-intensive task, translation requires technical knowledge of your subject matter, efficient communication among all parties involved, careful selection of linguistic and technical experts and effective project management.

Translation and Localization Project Management

We know that each project is unique and each client has specific needs. Our experienced team of project and account managers will provide you with the highest level of expertise and professionalism to ensure that all your requirements are met throughout your entire project lifecycle.

Our account managers are linguistically qualified, thus able to adequately advise you on the best approach to complete your project efficiently, within budget, and on schedule. We are fully committed to understanding and meeting your needs in the most efficient manner.

MTS provides 24-hour project management and customer service support. Regardless of your time zone, you will have a dedicated account manager and customer support team reachable 24/7.

Qualified Linguists and QA Experts

The in-house MTS team of linguists are professionally trained and accredited, with ample experience in specific fields such as IT, finance, law, medicine or engineering. Project allocation is according to skill and experience so as to ensure that only those linguists with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter are assigned to translate/ proofread/ edit the work.

IT Support

Our trusted team of IT wizards includes software programmers, web and graphic designers, and DTP specialists. They are always ready to meet your requirements, solve any technical difficulties and help you find the best solutions that suit your needs. For new clients or specific projects, we can even do a 300-word sample translation, completely free.

Any questions?  Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.