Lokalisatie is het proces van het aanpassen van software, website of media aan de taalkundige, culturele en technische eisen van een doelmarkt. Het omvat het vertalen en aanpassen van alle gerelateerde product documentatie, evenals project management, software engineering, testen en desktop publishing.

Why Website Localization

It is often assumed that English is the de facto language of the Web, but according to the latest Internet World Users Language report by Internet World Users, 73.2% of Internet usage now occurs in languages other than English. In fact, websites referenced by English-only search engines could be overlooked by about 95% of potential Asian audience.

Het wordt vaak aangenomen dat Engels de feitelijke taal van het web is, maar volgens het laatste Internet World Users Language-rapport van Internet World Users, komt 73,2% van het internetgebruik nu voor in andere talen dan Engels. In feite kunnen websites die door alleenstaande zoekmachines worden verwezenlijkt, worden over het hoofd gezien door ongeveer 95% van het potentiële Aziatische publiek.

For businesses looking to expand into global markets, or reach non-native English speakers at home, building a multilingual website is a wise decision. For a business, communicating to a regional audience in a foreign language could be detrimental. There should be no communications gaps between the buyer and seller in a market, and if there exists a gap, there will less chance for a business to succeed in that market.

Voor bedrijven die willen uitbreiden naar wereldwijde markten, of engelse sprekers thuis in eigen land willen bereiken, is het opbouwen van een meertalige website een verstandige beslissing. Voor een bedrijf kan communiceren met een regionaal publiek in een vreemde taal nadelig zijn. Er zouden geen communicatieverschillen tussen de koper en verkoper in een markt moeten zijn en als er een kloof bestaat, zal er minder kans zijn dat een onderneming op die markt kan slagen.

For an instance: you, as an international business, willing to influence the Mandarin-speaking markets, must alter the essence of your website by seasoning it with Chinese localization services.

If you are a business, having a website in English or any other language, and willing to enter a non English-speaking region, you will need professional website localization services to get your site rebuilt in the language of that region.

Website Localization Expertise

Localization is about altering the content, which includes design, graphics, theme, and text of a website to suit the predilections of the audiences of a language boundary. We, MTS-Tech, are a premier name in the language service industry, offering result-bound localization for your business website. Our team comprehends the significance of localizing the attributes of your website. Before taking on a new project, we study your site and the market in which you want to pitch your business, so that effective content localization can be implemented on your website.

However, this involves much more than just translating the text content. The entire content – which, as already mentioned, includes design, graphics, and theme – needs to be localized, while the functions need to be retained, and the site should also be properly indexed and referenced in local search engines.

It also requires in-depth knowledge of website engineering and SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, so that your business can attain a considerable visibility amidst the concurrent market competition.

You localized website will work as a powerful tool that will help you draw the attention of your target local audiences. Your target herd will be at ease while going through your website and learning about your products and services. The more they understand your business, the more traffic, visibility and attention your website receives.

Localization drives growth, success and profitability!

Website Localization Expertise – At MTS, our website localization services help businesses transform their English websites into truly global sites. We have solutions for all kinds of websites from simple static pages to complex database-driven websites.

“Localization is all about connecting with international languages and dialects, cultures, and marketing trends.”

The combination of our profound knowledge of online presence, experienced website design and programming engineers, regional linguists and SEO specialists allows us to make the localization process hassle-free for you. Thus, your website’s sphere of influence sales will be able to expand.

We can offer website localization solutions in any language from any language at competitive rates. If you are looking for unmatched quality work at affordability, we welcome you MTS-Tech!

A typical localization process includes:

  • Creating culturally-appropriate UI level icons and graphics
  • Translating any content, static or dynamic
  • Translating back-end database content
  • Providing culturally relevant tutorial subjects and examples for tutorials or online help
  • Performing in-context quality assurance to ensure the final product is user-friendly, consistent and precise
  • Cross-platform browser or client testing

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What is software localization?

Software localization is simply localizing or preparing a software program, and its operations and documents, profiles, and various other attributes as per the preferences of a local market. It also includes adjusting the functional elements of an application keeping in view the requirements and behavior of a domestic herd.

Software Localization services are about translating the text and altering the functional aspects of the software so consumers can use it well. We offer the cutting-edge methodology as well as the most advanced localization processes to ensure the global consumption of your software.

The need of software localization services

Gartner has conducted a study which concludes that over $77 billion of revenue will be generated by over 268 software downloads across the world. So, offering an app in local language is the best way to serve the customers and global markets as well. According to Common Sense Advisory survey, over half of consumers worldwide buy products from only those websites that provide details in their own language. Furthermore, above half of the top-10 countries that churn revenues from application downloads, are from non-English speaking continents, like East Asia and Europe.

Amidst the environment of globalization, most leading businesses of today are searching for new horizons, in new global locations. To enter and impact the audiences of their new market, a business must employ the local language in its operations. Without connecting with the local market and domestic consumers, the path of success of a new business in a local market turns out to be pretty complex.

To ease the language and software adaptation, we are catering the best software localization services in Asia. If you are a business, looking for the most right localization solutions, connect with us, we can serve you with the most dependable services.

Software Localization Process

A typical software localization process includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of the project
  • Evaluation of the tools and resources required
  • Cultural, technical and linguistic assessment
  • Creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries
  • Translation to the target language
  • UI Adaptation, including resizing of forms and dialogs
  • Graphics localization
  • Compilation and build of the localized files for testing
  • Linguistic and functional quality assurance
  • Project delivery

Software Localization Expertise

At MTS, we have the necessary tools, experience and resources to carry out complex software localization projects that meet industry standards. All sorts of software such as complicated ERP systems, online portals, desktop applications, or iOS/ Android smartphone apps, can be translated into any language while keeping all original functions intact. We will translate all the resource files, UI graphics, online help, and documentation into the target languages to allow you to offer a comprehensively international product.

Our services cover all the three parts of a localization project:

1. Software

– Translation of text strings by text editors and resource editors – Compilation and resizing – Editing graphics – All levels of testing

2. Online Help

– WinHelp, HTML Help and JavaHelp. – Capturing screens and editing graphics – Formatting text and pages – Compiling and engineering – Testing

3. Documentation

– Translation. – Formatting and page layouts – Outputting to client specified format

The best method of software localization

The best approach engrosses the transformation of theme, content, interface and design of a software or website as per the inclinations of domestic consumers. We, at MTS, follow these steps when providing you with our result-oriented software localization services –

Design Alteration – When optimizing an application, design is the foremost aspect that should be paid much attention to. The theme and design must be optimized as per the propensities of local audiences. Some designs and themes might not appeal the people of a country or region. A universal design sometimes might not be fit for a group of people in a demographic boundary. Therefore, it must be changed for influence them.

Text translation – Here comes the major part. For a number of businesses, localization is limited to just translating the existing text of a software program. However, it is not limited to that only. It holds a key role in the entire process. The visible and the backend text – everything needs to be changed accurately, to render the optimum ease of use.

Testing the application – It is the final step that ensures that flawless localization solutions have been applied to your business practices. Testing the website or software after it has been optimized for a new periphery is the most important step. In this step, we check the quality of the altered features and text.

With the rapid development of digital publishing and internet technologies, more and more content comes in multimedia form: audio, video, animation, Flash® content or rich online presentations. Multinational corporations use E-learning as a cost-effective method for cross-cultural training. However, all aspects need to be properly localized and culturally adapted before they can be effective with international audiences.

Localizing multimedia is a complex process that involves a large variety of activities and resources, file formats and integration technologies. On top of the technical expertise required for the latest software, hardware and recording facilities, a cultural sensitivity in the nature of audio, video or art is essential.

Multimedia Localization Expertise

We have years of experience in localizing films, television commercials, corporate training videos, and e-learning courses from English into Asian languages. Now the expertise we have accrued enables us to localize video, sound, animation and graphics into target languages while ensuring that the colors, logos and designs are culturally appropriate for the target market.

For localized audio and video content we also have voice talent and engineering resources to record, mix and edit multimedia solutions that address today’s requirements.

Multimedia localization services we offer:

  • Voice-overs
  • Script creation or transcription of the original master
  • Script translation
  • Subtitle production and translation
  • Video production
  • Audio and video post-production
  • Art and graphics localization
  • Animation localization
  • Cultural assessment of multimedia content
  • Multimedia quality assurance

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