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More than 6500 languages spoken around the world, and people all over the world prefer to use their native language. Providing language services to customers can establish trust and brand-loyalty. This fact make language services industry experience rapid growth during the past two decades. Also, globalization serves as an significant role in this development. The language services industry contains translation, interpretation , machine translation, and human language technology.

Here is some facts about language services industry that you should know.

1.The size of the overall global language industry will up to $45 Billion by 2020.

2.Inc. Magazine lists the language services industry as one of the top industries 

3.Common Sense Advisory Research (CSA Research) shows an annual growth rate of 6.46% for the language services market.

By effective and impressive document translation, on time services delivery, competitively-priced services, MTS ranks as one of the fast-growing language services companies in the world. We consist of more than 50 in-house translators who have been tested and evaluated by rigorous industry standards and were able to handle the highest level of proficiency in both English and Chinese very well.

Our extensive range of translation services include localization, document translations, voice-over work, and desktop publishing(DTP) to complete all kinds of complex projects for various industries. Actually, translating specific subject is multifarious. Our linguist resources are especially professional in the following areas:

Advertising & Marketing

We offer professional translation services in most of the world’s global languages and customize our solutions to guarantee that your marketing efforts are efficient and consistent across different languages and platforms. The core message is the crucial hinge of any marketing campaign, and extra care is needed when relaying that message to overseas markets. Any mistakes, distortions or slip-ups in communicating that message should be avoided.

Will not allow your message to be lost in translation. Our professional teams of linguists will adapt and transcreate your business message taking the diverse cultural backgrounds of your target markets into careful consideration. Their expertise in multiple industries will guarantee that the translated copies in your blogs, campaigns and adverts are relevant, enticing and in-line with local market trends. Our quality analysts and project managers will handle your project efficiently, create value and meet your deadlines.

Your advertising materials, websites, online tools, video and audio will benefit from the best value in our marketing translation services. We have capacity to work with every file format and deliver ready-to-publish files, PDFs or printed documents, to make the process more convenient for you.

Finance & Economics

We understand how critical it is for you as a financial firm to seamlessly communicate to a culturally and geographically diverse customer base. Your business communications and therefore translations must be accurate, precise, and culturally appropriate.

MTS thrives in bridging the linguistic and cultural gap between financial companies and their customers all over the world. Our industry experts, translators, editors, interpreters, and technical team work to give you the highest quality services at utmost confidentiality.
We help you enhance your multicultural communication and overcome cultural barriers.

Please get in touch for more about our solutions for banks, mortgage lenders, credit unions, insurance providers and other financial organizations.

We translate the following business and finance documentation:

•    Insurance Form & Clause
•    Benefit Plan
•    Outline of Coverage
•    Claim Form

•    Bank Statement
•    Credit Report
•    Commercial Loan Application
•    Risk Analysis Report

•    Brokerage Account Agreement
•    Investment Advisory and Brokerage Services Promotion Material
•    Tax Information Statement

•    Balance Sheet
•    Profit and Loss Statement
•    Audit Report
•    Annual Report

Information Technology

IT companies have a wealth of valuable opportunities to expand as markets around the world are developing at a faster pace and embracing the information technology age. However, in order to be successful in these new markets, products must align with the demands and expectations of your multilingual and diverse client base.

Our valuable experience in connecting cultures in the IT industry qualifies us to fulfill your information technology translation needs. We have services available in the following areas: Internet technologies, telecommunications, software, graphics, e-business, networking and system administration, and more. Our team of project managers, professional translators, editors, programmers and web designers are fully equipped to handle the diverse needs of an increasingly modern world.

Whether you need hardware translation, software localization, app localization or other technical translation and localization services, you can always rely on us for cost-effective and efficient language solutions. We will help you to reach your target market and cross those language borders.

•    Product Manual
•    Safety Instruction Guide
•    Help File
•    User Interface
•    App Description
•    Product Design Layout
•    Corporate Catalog and Poster
•    Product Test Report
•    Technical Standard
•    Training Document; Multimedia Courseware
•    Multilingual Smartphone Operating System
•    Profiles of Computer Peripheral
•    Various Agreements

•    Software Localization
•    Website Localization

Legal Services

The translation of legal documents requires a high level of care and precision. Legal translations pose major challenges as legal systems vary greatly from country to country meaning that a particular concept in one legal system may have no equivalent in another. Even minor punctuation errors can lead to significant ambiguities and misunderstandings that may adversely affect your company.

MTS is sensitive to these details due to our long and vast experience of legal translation and interpretation, and can provide services tailored to your specific situation.

We are now able to maintain round-the-clock production to offer you the fastest turnaround times for all your legal support needs, including:

•    Contract
•    Patent
•    License
•    Prenuptial Agreement
•    Court Order/Subpoena
•    Litigation Document
•    Evidence Document
•    Deposition
•    Examinations under Oath (EOUs)
•    Sworn Statement
•    Financial Statement

Life Sciences

It is a given that life science translation is more challenging than anything else because of the high level of specialization required. In order to translate for the medicine and pharmaceutical industries, a language specialist must be able to use medical terminology at a professional level of understanding. Therefore only doctors or biomedical engineers who have experience in the particular field can take on these translations.

Medical Translation Expertise

At MTS Life Science Group, our translators and editors all have the required degree of education, training and work experience in their respective life science disciplines.

Many pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, medical and surgical device manufacturers, biotech companies and healthcare managers have come to rely on us for the translation of their most sensitive documents. Our specialized medical linguists couple with our stringent quality assurance process together enables us to translate high-value information in a consistently clear and accurate way.

•    Product Specification
•    Marketing Material

•    Regulatory Affairs Report
•    Clinical Trial Application and Report
•    GMP Certificate
•    Drug Specification

•    Operation Instruction
•    Technical Training Material
•    QA Report

•    Patient’s Medical History
•    Medical Lab Report
•    Insurance Clause

Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and engineering projects require accuracy and simplicity for planning and implementation. High quality translation and interpretation is critical to ensure that there is a full understanding between all the parties involved.

At MTS, our professional technical translators will help you with all kinds of documents such as product installation and technical manuals, system specifications, operating guides, regular meeting minutes and presentations for conferences and trade shows. We promise highly accurate and reliable translations at the most competitive pricing.

Travel & Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is radically different from what it was a few years ago, transforming at break-neck speed due to the possibilities now accessible in this Internet age. Travel agencies, hotels, airlines, and other industry players are forced to catch up with the changes and implement new marketing strategies to establish customer relationships and improve online sales.

However, regardless of which marketing channel you use – online or print – the key to success is effectively getting your message understood. MTS has vast experience in translating brochures, holiday guides, hotel information, contracts, press releases and promotional materials for the travel and tourism sectors, and we are sure to have a solution right for you.